Most of the work done in the lab revolves around NMR and NMR data. In general the work with NMR data requires heavy use of computers and different softwares. Some synthesis is also done in the lab, it requires less NMR, but still needs computers as well. At the moment all installations and facilities are temporary, hopefully only until the first semester of 2020, when the new building will be ready.


The NMR laboratory of FioCruz/FarManguinhos has 2 machines, a 400 MHz and a 500 MHz machine. The 500 is a Bruker Avance with a BBO and a 2.5mm probe. The 400 MHz is a Avance III HD with a BB-Prodigy probe.


Several project are being realized in the lab. Since the labspace is very limited, the choice of projets is limites as well.

NMR & Statistical Analysis

The statistical analysis of NMR data (namely principal component analysis or partial least squares regression) has become fashion for mixture analyses. Without an assignment, seemingly identical mixtures can be differentiated and identified as belonging to different groups. We are using this process for the analysis of body fluids for the identification of health conditions.